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Great For Fly Ins
I really like this hook-a-rack!  It was fast to set up, easy to use and makes the odd jobs around camp a lot easier!  At a fly-in location like ours this is a must have tool!

Jerry D.

Thanks For Making Life Simpler
I ordered one of your racks just before Xmas last year and really didn't get a chance to use it until this past hunting season even though I assembled it last spring. Following the instructions made assembly and mounting/dismounting it on the quad a snap; and what a pleasure to ultimately use. We hauled out four  bucks and one doe from where we hunt in NW Ontario this past season and they were all pretty fair sized animals.

When I think of what we used to go through getting carcasses out of the bush and how easy this devise makes it, I can only marvel at the relative ease and simplicity this chore has now become. My buds and I were and are  impressed, thanks for making life simpler.

Ewen C.

2nd Year & Still Working Great
My Hook a rack is doing great 2 yrs in a row of loading my deer!  Best accessory I ever bought! Friends comment about it all the time...

Thank You - Troy M
First Deer
My son Chris harvested his first deer today, a doe weighing 160 lbs. which is huge for South Carolina! Chris only weighs 90 lbs. and he loaded this deer on the ATV by himself with a push of the button. 

This would never have been possible with out the Hook-A-Rack!

Troy - South Carolina
Bill - Texas
This is the greatest thing since they put pockets on t-shirts.

Bill - Texas
Gerry - Alberta Canada
Attached are two pictures of the Whitetail bucks my son and I took this past hunting season. We used the Hook-A-Rack to move the deer from our blind area, rather than taint the area with gut pile. Both animals were relocated to the farm yard over two miles away in less than 15 minutes from the time they were shot.

Thanks to the Hook-A-Rack our hunting area remained clean and other deer in the area weren't spooked.

All together the Hook-A-Rack I have on my quad was used to move 5 deer this fall.

Gerry - Alberta Canada
Dale - Alberta Canada
Hello, and thanks for filling my order so quickly. We appreciate your service and will be sure to spread the word out here. There are plenty of fellows that would see the Hook-A-Rack quite useful. Once again thank you.

Dale - Alberta Canada
Tony - Spirit Lake, IA
“I took the Hook-A-Rack® on an Ontario bear hunt and with only an ATV and Hook-A-Rack® I retrieved and loaded the 300LB bruin by myself and drove back to base camp, this thing works!”

You guys are great!

Tony - Spirit Lake, IA

Troy - South Carolina
Chris, this is the best accessory I ever bought!  I shot this 8pt buck this am and loaded him with the push of a button.  I was alone and don't know how I would have loaded it without the Hook A Rack today!  I am a believer in this product!

I quickly figured out to lay him on his back and tucked his front and back legs in tight.  I routed his antlers thru the rack so I could drive back thru some tight areas between trees. 

It worked perfectly!

Thank You!

Troy - South Carolina
Doug - Araknsas
Thanks for the fast response, I will highly recommend your product and service to all my friends.

Doug - Arkansas
Jarrod - Billings, MT

"Mick, I can't begin to tell you how much I use my Hook-A-Rack.  I bought it thinking that I would only use it for hunting but the truth is, I do more work with the loader than I ever imagined.  The Hook-A-Rack is one of the best investments I've ever made!  It is so simple to use and your claims of being able to put it on or take it off in less than 30 seconds is absolutely true. 

Thanks for a great product!"

Jarrod - Billings, MT

The Hook-A-Rack® and Hook-A-Lift® as seen used by Jerry Campbell!

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