Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install Hook-A-Rack®?

The initial installation time will only take a few minutes to set-up and after that, Hook-A-Rack® will usually take the average person less than 30 seconds to mount or take off an ATV/UTV/Side x Side.

Do I need any additional hardware to install the Hook-A-Rack® on my ATV/UTV?

There are no plates or additional hardware required to stay on the vehicle.  On UTV's or Side x Sides and other vehicles, the offset and Hook-A-Lift® work together to give you the versatility and adjustment needed for any scenario whether it be a truck or off road machine.  Hook-A-Rack® utilizes the front rack and front bumper for mounting and support to make installation or removal fast and easy.

Can anyone install Hook-A-Rack® despite his/her mechanical abilities?

Yes.  Hook-A-Rack® utilizes anti-backing nuts and bolts to make installation or adjustment a breeze.  Once it is set-up for a given Model of ATV/UTV, it takes only seconds to mount or remove Hook-A-Rack®.

What holds Hook-A-Rack®on the ATV/UTV?

The Patent Pending design allows the winch to maintain a constant inward pull on the bottom along with an outward pull at the top while at the same time pulling down, thus the need for bolting Hook-A-Rack® to the bumper or frame is eliminated.
  The end result, the cable of your winch locks the Hook-A-Rack® on the bumper just as strong as if it were bolted to the front bumper.  This seems impossible but is simply the best design on the market due to the strength, speed and versatility!

How much weight does Hook-A-Rack® add to my ATV/UTV?

Hook-A-Rack® weighs about 33 pounds.

How does the lock-bar work in conjunction with Hook-A-Rack®?

The lock-bar is utilized to allow Hook-A-Rack® to be locked in a position for carrying larger items.  Hook-A-Rack® maintains the required constant tension when the lock-bar is in place and the resulting increased cargo area can then be utilized.

What is the purpose of the hooks on Hook-A-Rack®?

The hooks are designed to maximize the use of the Hook-A-Rack® by allowing up to four swivel hooks to be utilized to carry items such as five gallon buckets.  Other items can be suspended from the hooks also.  This saves time and prevents a mess on your ATV/UTV due to the fact that the hooks allow the buckets to self level and prevent unnecessary spills that might be typical of a bucket that is strapped to the rack ATV or in the bed of a UTV.  Buckets come in handy for many different projects such as feeding livestock, stocking fish in ponds, ice fishing, landscaping projects, feeding wild game or dozens of other uses.

Does the Hook-A-Rack® rattle during travel?

No.  The winch creates enough tension to hold the Hook-A-Rack® as tight as bolting it on would thus eliminating any squeaks or rattles that might otherwise occur.   

Made in the U.S.A.?  I think I can build it cheaper...

You might see or hear some of the many forums on the internet talking about Hook-A-Rack® and how they are going to build one for themselves then they intend to post photos of it. 

An overwhelming number of people filled out a survey we took at trade shows saying they would only wish to support American made products if they did have a choice, even if it would cost them a few dollars more than an import.  How could we not be proud of these findings?  Well, then we see the forums talking about Hook-A-Rack® being one of the coolest things out there but yet they want to copy it instead of spending $600.00 for it.

The Hook-A-Rack fits practically any ATV and is only $299.00 not $600.  Considering all it can do for anyone with an ATV and it's made right here in the heartland of the midwest, this is not a bad deal.  Seems 98% of the folks think the price is too cheap for what it does but then there is always the 2% saying it costs too much!  

This product was created out of necessity by a veteran father with an injured, fused lower back and his son after they have spent over 30 years hunting together year after year.  After spending over ten years recording data and developing the Hook-A-Rack® we wanted this to help people across globe preserve their abilities and continue doing their favorite outdoor activities as we could using this system.  Learning it the hard way, we realized that preserving your body is key to longevity and enjoying life while you're living it.

So we filed the patents in the U.S. and elsewhere to protect our efforts with a strong focus to keeping it made in the U.S.A., with a low margin focusing on volume to keep the small business going.  As many of you can relate to the problems we see in nearly every direction these days, people receiving praise on forums for attempting to copy our years of effort seems relative to the world we live in today.  This is machined to be universal and therefore the difficulty in copying this would cost you more than we sell it for according to numerous welding fabricators across the U.S.    

Well, despite so many others importing and maximizing their pockets, we took a hard stance at keeping the Hook-A-Rack® made in the U.S.A.  While 98% of the folks tell us daily how reasonable the price is for what Hook-A-Rack® does, there is still always a few unsatisfied folks that would like to see something cheaper.  We see this in practically every large retail store these days.  Cheaper means importing product in most cases and unfortunately we get what we pay for as the saying goes. 

Re-labeling products to maximize margins seems to be a common practice in every retail store as we commonly see and many of us wish to not be supportive of those practices knowing most of these types of products are originating overseas.  If you're like us and want to support U.S. products, that's all the more reason to not make every last effort to detour a U.S. made product like Hook-A-Rack®, especially when in forum after forum it's referred to as pretty slick, cool, the best, etc. 

That one injury can sometimes put you out of commission for the rest of your life not to mention the costs associated with doing so.  Many of our customers have told us, the cost of the Hook-A-Rack® system is peanuts compared to meeting deductibles and paying for medications should you strain or injure your back, especially if that was a permanent injury.  Hook-A-Rack® can help anyone of any age or condition but we all know prevention is key to taking care of yourself.    

We've all bought products and wasted money on products imported into the U.S.  Nothing is more frustrating than buying something, pulling it out of the box and the manufacturer didn't know enough about what they were building to even get it right. 

We have worked extremely hard to keep Hook-A-Rack® made here in the U.S.A. and we are proud to be supporting American manufacturing at a time when so many choose to import product to make it the best option for them, the business owner. 

To those of you who have sent our link to a friend, thank you, thank you!  We are very thankful and very appreciative of those of you helping us spread the word about the Hook-A-Rack® system! 

Over two thirds of our sales have been from friends or relatives seeing friends or relatives using the Hook-A-Rack® and that's a good sign that our customers are standing behind the functionality of the Hook-A-Rack®!
The Hook-A-Rack® and Hook-A-Lift® as seen used by Jerry Campbell!

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